Update: I’m Not Dead

Well, not physically at least. Unlike all of the celebs that have tragically died this year, and there are too many to count, I for one am not dead. Maybe I should be, why do Gene Wilder and Craig Sager have to die but I get to live? What do I contribute to society? Write a blog that nobody reads, make a few people laugh and piss off all the rest of the people. But never more, it is a cruel world out there and I am just playing its game.


So lets see for sports, the Saints are just playing for .500, Payton may be leaving the Saints for the Rams, we get to listen to the 2 most fucking annoying fans( Cowboys and Giants), and Derek Carr may lose MVP due to his injury. If the MVP goes to any Cowboy or Brady I may just lose my mind. The people’s choice, Zack Zenner, is clearly the frontrunner for MVP, but do to him being such a workhorse and grinder I don’t think the NFL will give it to him. Sad!

Yankees may go after Jose Quintana which is good, considering our pitching is our biggest weakness going into 2017. He had a 3.2 ERA last season, so that’s pretty much better than anyone we have minus Tanaka.

The Knicks stomped on my heart on Christmas, called to apologize and take me out to dinner, then stood me up for that dinner in their loss to the Celtics. Typical Knicks on Christmas. I’m not going to say they really damaged my Christmas because Christmas isn’t all about NBA but fuck. Was very upset.

Rangers have been shitting the bed the last few games, King Hank was pulled against the Sharks, and our offense doesn’t seem as potent. Hopefully, we change things around and have a playoff clinching season but fuck shit up in the playoffs.

As for everything else, my grades didn’t blow this semester so my cock is hard. Yay! I’m still retarded though.


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