Yankees Sign Aroldis and I’m Still Hard

What a day to be alive. Truly. I’m done with all my shit, I’m going home the 12th, oh and Brian Cashman is a god damn genius. My boy sent Chapman to the Cubbies for Gleyber Torres, Arizona Fall League MVP and dubbed superstar in the making, and oh yeah we got Chapman back. Albeit for a shade over $17 mill a year. But we’re young, and our bullpen is still fucking legit.

There’s really no other words to describe how excited I am. I’ll let my dick do the talking, because it has been hard since the news broke. I know those commercials say call a doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours, but I don’t want it to end. #MakeYankeesGreatAgain is in full swing. Now if only we had a decent starting pitcher other than Tanaka we could get this ball really rolling. But thats a dark spot I choose not to focus on. Not today at least.


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