What is Going on

I don’t know if papa smurph is dead or not, because he hasn’t uploaded onto this thing in like forever. I kind of just assume if I haven’t heard from you in a while then you are dead, so don’t actually think that he’s dead. Though he might be.

Anyway, don’t look now, but the Knicks are 5th in the East. I say don’t look now because every game should have been won anyway, and were close to the finish. However, Christmas is coming up, which means Knicks Christmas tickets are in full swing.

This last stretch of college is really making me its little prison bitch. No free time to blog or to even sit down and watch a show or anything. It’s been brutal. Now I know why people drop out of college. Not saying  I will, not saying I won’t. It’s just been chaos. My co-blogger is probably dead, my social life has been nonexistent, and Boston keeps making moves, signing Chris Sale. Those big signings really worked out for you last year didn’t they? Remember how your best players in the field weren’t players you spent big on? Fucking losers.

I guess all I can do now is just endure the shit I’m facing these next couple of days and listen to Christmas music. And cry. Cry tears of confusion


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