Ok, so I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the last days or so. Not that anyone reads this piece of shit, this is more so for me, but still. Very little has happened that I even want to talk about.

I died on Friday night, I’ll just not even get into that. But somehow, someway the Knicks have found themselves currently in the 8th seed in the East. They’re finally getting it all together, finally realizing their potential, a realization like Wee-Bey had. Decent. The Saints poured it on on the Rams, but it IS the Rams. However few things look bright for the Saints this season so let me have my moment. Nobody ever lets me have my moment but that’s ok, I don’t want people to just give me my moment, I want to take it. Molon Labe.

Michigan lost to Ohio State much to my uncle’s dismay. Not sure if he’s even alive, fingers crossed he is. He may have gone off the grid and become the next unibomber, hopefully not. Colorado continued their amazing season and I hope they find a way to win it all, that is if Alabama and Clemson lose and some amazing shit happens.

In the news recently Castro died and people in the USA had mixed emotions. Really? The only respectable thing about that man is that he wore 2 Rolex watches everywhere he went. No matter how hard I try, and believe me I always try, I just can’t find a way to hate on that move. Other than that fuck him I guess. Even though I’m thankful for all the Cubans who make baseball fun to watch. I’m also thankful for Mark Cuban. Completely unrelated, but please. Had to throw it in there.


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