This Guy Suing Krispy Kreme Probably Has No Friends

A Guy Is Suing Krispy Kreme Because Some of Its “Berry” Doughnuts Don’t Contain Actual Fruit

So this man is suing Krispy Kreme for $5 million. Let that sink in. The donut place that EVERYONE loves, and this guy is suing them for false advertising because they didn’t use real fruit in their donuts. Wait what? Is that really an expectation going into Krispy Kreme? Do these type of people roam the Earth today? What’s next are people going to sue Sonic because their Coney Dogs aren’t 100% real meat? This has to be the most exploitive cash-grabbing schemes of all time. $5 million because what you got from a fucking donut chain isn’t 100% real ingredients. The guy definitely loved his blueberry donuts, but when he got to his 5th he was sitting there all fat and feeling like a bum so he decided to sue the very place he loved for $5 mil.

I kind of am not surprised though. Who goes to Krispy Kreme and gets a blueberry donut? Good job trying to stick to the health kick bud. Guy definitely always walks around like he has a stick up his ass, all high and mighty. Complete asshole.


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