Saints Play Tomorrow Night and I Don’t Know If I’m Mentally Ready/Stable

First off, I don’t hate the Saints color rush jerseys. Personally, I think a majority of the league’s color rush jerseys have been kind of ugly and just a way to sell more merch for the NFL. However, completely unbiased..I just can’t hate on the Saints jerseys for tomorrow. So that’s a positive.

Also, the Saints are coming off of a loss that made me dead for a solid few days. No really. After that loss I figured I’d get a Chipotle burrito to make myself somewhat not dead, but I ended up sitting in my car and playing “Angel” by Sara McLachlan and not going. If somebody was looking at me in my car they might have taken pity on me like those ASPCA commercials and thrown me some money, which I would have happily accepted. However, the day just wasn’t meant to go my way, so that didn’t occur.

Anyway back to the loss, the Saints better be mad, so expect Drew to have a field day on the weak ass Carolina corners. I hope. I just can’t take another tough loss. Especially not on Thursday night. Thursday night football while admittedly has me engrossed is fucking pathetic. The games are sad and hard to market. People just don’t want to watch on Thursdays. So please Saints. Don’t ruin my Thursday. Because then my whole weekend will be a lie. A lie that I just will not believe.


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