Curb Your Enthusiasm Has Begun Filming so There Is a God

Finally. I don’t know what else to write or how to pour my feelings out into this blog that would do the amount of joy I’m feeling justice. It has been 5 long, grueling, Larry David-less years that Curb has been off of HBO, but it was reported 2 days ago the Curb began filming again for season 9. Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is basically the R rated Seinfeld, was a show that you didn’t have to sit and think about like Westworld or Stranger Things. It was just a show about an bald, arrogant prick who always found himself a victim of circumstance. And I fucking loved it.

I really hope that nothing from the show changes. I’m always a little weary when it comes to reunion shows, returns, or spin-offs. But come on, this is Larry David, and it’s just a continuation of the series. Also, all of the main characters have signed on, so everything seems to be falling into place. If season 9 doesn’t live up to the hype, for some godforsaken reason, it may lead to the biggest case of blue balls a show has ever given anyone. I may need medical attention.


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